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IMPAVIDUS Trade Zrt. is a shareholding company, wholly owned by private persons, focusing on trading with feed supplements and animal hygienic products since 2010.

In Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria and Slovenia our company is the exclusive distributor of products made of natural ingredients, manufactured by different Western-European manufacturers. We offer a wide range of natural solutions to a lot of problems arising in animal husbandry. By using our products which are the results of innovative developments, not only the natural production ratios are improved but also the amount of gained profit. Among others we have long-term cooperation with the French OLMIX S.A. and Groupe CCPA, the German CRYSTALYX Products GmbH, the Italian VETAGRO S.p.A., and the Dutch DAAVISION BV and INQPHARM BV. Our suppliers are registered in GMP+ or FAMI-QS, and our company received GMP+ certification in 2017.

As a result of our sales activities, in 2012 our company became the Premium Partner of OLMIX Group. This title was given to us first in the world among all OLMIX products’ distributors. In 2015 we could win the title of Silver category distributor of OLMIX due to our outstanding selling activities (with selling more than 1 million kg toxin binders in Hungarian and Slovakian markets).

The products in our portfolio – offered to different animal species – are classified into the following problem solving categories:

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Perfect solution for mycotoxin problems

Antibiotics-free animal nutrition

Smart feed management

Inflammation management

Victory against heat stress

In line with the above we sell the following products:

  • toxin binders of special structure, made of natural seaweed extract and micronized montmorrilonite,
  • effective and natural feed additives against Gram+ és Gram – pathogen bacteria,
  • multiple protected growth promoter which improves milk production and reproduction,
  • litter conditioning hygienic product for all animal species which can be used in bio-farming,
  • feed additives with natural ingredients making the feed cheaper and more effective, mainly for dairy cows, but for beef and fattening cattle, calves, sheep and goats,
  • complementary feed licks of high energy content for ruminants and horses,
  • feed supplements for piglets and calves aiming to maintain a healthy digestive system,
  • products made of natural ingredients decreasing the heat stress problems of cows.

Taking into account that with using the products distributed by our company, less chemicals, antibiotics are needed, and our main aims are to support:

  • the more cost saving, sustainable and environment friendly animal husbandry,
  • our buyers in having a healthier animal stock with a higher production level.

The effectiveness of our products is always thoroughly tested in Hungarian animal husbandry farms before they are introduced into the market. Thus we can guarantee the results if the appropriate way of usage and dosage is followed.

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